Basic types of labels


  1. Taft labels
  2. Satin labels
  3. Plastic labels
  4. Labels on plastic fabric
  5. Ribbons, flashing tapes


  1. Labels with woven trim
  2. Labels with ultrasound beveled edges
  3. Labels cut by laser
  4. Adhesive labels
  5. Labels t-shirt

Patterning, valuation and other services

  1. Patterning of all types of labels do new and regular customers for free, even if not concluded the final production order.
  2. We do individual awards based on the final form of production orders, with respect to material, color, presentation and quantity of labels.
  3. Other Services advised complete production services including graphic design production assignment. For graphics processinge should be sent together with the order graphic materials in electronic format / logo - the curves, fonts, pictures, etc../

Delivery Terms

In general, we can guarantee the receipt of the following delivery time.

Patterning label: 7 to 10 days
Production label: 3 weeks to month

Samples of woven labels for various organizations, companies, etc.

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